Do you wish to add a Day 0 to The Crete Trip 2018 and make it last a day loger? This is your chance! Choose to travel by GROUP TRANSPORTATION and you will be able to live out

The Crete Trip DAY 0:
The Ferry Experience!

This comes as a result of our partnership with Minoan Lines, who have been kind enough to let us make the most of our travel to Crete. What this basically means is that instead of simply boarding the ferry and waiting 9 hours to get to Crete, The Crete Trip participants will have exclusive access to the following:

  • Airplane-seat rooms reserved for The Crete Trip participants
  • Private The Crete Trip lobby
  • The official Opening Ceremony
  • The non-stop Ferry Party in the onboard disco!


Some details about the Ferry travel:

  • Company: Minoan Lines
  • Departure: May 9 from Piraeus Port at 21:00 - arrival in Crete at 6:00
  • Departure from Crete: May 13 from Heraklion port at 21:30 - arrival in Piraeus at 6:30
  • Cost: EUR 40 both ways (20€ each)
  • Ferry registrations start: 20th of March


What you need to do to book Group Transportation: 

  • Contact your local ESN section for details about group transportation and pay at their Office Hours to reserve your spot for The Ferry Experience
  • If you have no local ESN section, contact us at [email protected] 


Ready to sail and get #LostInCrete...?!