Rooming platform will be available very soon! (deadlines will be anounced with a new social media post/email).


  • The rooms will be available to be shared from 2,3 or 4 participants.So make sure to ask your friends for potential matching prior the rooming deadline!
  • Also keep in mind that this is a first come-first served process, meaning that the faster you sign up with your friends for a room, the most secure it is!
  • Here’s an example of a 3 bedroom creation:


  • Feeling out of options? Not a problem, since you can also choose a random room and share a bedroom with other fellow participants that you can share #TheCreteTrip excitement with!

Note that:

  • In case you create a room, but not be able to fill up all the seats (by making your friends sign up with the same room id) after the end of the rooming deadline,
  • In case the deadline is over and you still haven't accessed the platform,
  • In case you cannot find an available room to create and to be assigned to,

you will be assigned to a random room.


Access the rooming platform from your account homepage from the link that will open soon and.. go get a room!