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Terms and Conditions

The Crete Trip 2023 by ESN Greece

Terms & Conditions

17/05/2023 - 21/05/2023

The Organizers

“The Crete Trip 2023” (hereafter “the Trip”) is organized by the Federation of Erasmus Student Network Greece, that is a Non-Profit Organization seated in Athens (Atlantoos 22, Athens) with VAT Number 997166220 (hereafter “ESN Greece”), serving as both an intercessor and a co-organiser with the travel agency and limited company under the name “AIKATERINI STEFANAKI L.C.” (“ΑΙΚΑΤΕΡΙΝΗ ΣΤΕΦΑΝΑΚΗ Ε.Ε.”) and distinctive title “BACCARA HOLIDAY SERVICES”, seated in Kato Gouves of Heraklion, Crete, with the VAT Number 999486099, legally registered in the responsible Business and Tourist Agencies’ Registries (hereafter “the Agent”). ESN Greece will be represented at the Trip by the members of its organising Committee, called hereafter “ESN Greece” as a whole.
The Trip

“The Crete Trip 2023” shall take place in Crete (mostly in Heraklion), starting on 17/5/2023 and ending on 21/5/2023, namely for three (3) overnights on 18/5, 19/5 and 20/5/2023, whereas 17/5/2023 is the date of departure from Piraeus port and 21/5/2023 is the date of departure from Heraklion of Crete.
The Trip is a prepaid full arrangement that cannot be customized.
The Trip is not accessible for people with disabilities. For any further info, please send an email at [email protected]
English is the speaking language in which the Trip will be executed.
The Hotel and Services

You will be accommodated at the four-star (4A) hotel under the name «ERI BEACH HOTEL & VILLAGE» in Hersonissos of Crete, in rooms of three (3) or four (4) people.
Breakfast will be served every day of the Trip, as included in the Price, whereas additional services (such as; swimming pools, fields, beach etc) will be available during your stay.
The Programme of the Trip

Our departure from the port of Piraeus will take place on 17/5/2023 at 19:00 and our departure from the port of Heraklion on 21/5/2023 at 19:00 (estimated).
The Program of the Trip, as estimated so far, is expected to be as follows;
Day 1:
Departure from the Port of Piraeus to Heraklion.
Day 2:
Arriving at Heraklion.
Flag Parade in the city center and Cretan Festival.
Day 3:
Visit to Balos Lagoon.
Day 4:
Visit to the Minoan Palace at Knossos.
Visiting the beach of Matala.
Day 5:
Visiting the Water Park!

The Fee

  1. Fee for participants all over Greece (except from Crete): 230€ with ESNcard / 240€ without ESNcard per person
    Fee for participants from Heraklion of Crete: 130€ with ESNcard / 140€ without ESNcard per person
    Fee for participants from Rethymno/Chania of Crete: 208€ with ESNcard / 218€ without ESNcard per person
    The Fee includes the following costs: ferry transportation from Athens to Heraklion, accommodation with breakfast as above (under terms 2 and 3) excluding participants from Heraklion, transportation with buses of 50-75 persons capacity to the destinations of the particular events, welcome bags, 1,25% fee for Online Payment Services with an additional 0,10€ per payment.

    The Fee explicitly does NOT include: transportation from the port of Heraklion to the port of Piraeus on 21/5/2023 as above (under term 4), food and/or any other personal expenses (except from the ones on board as follows), and the hotel tax to be paid at the Hotel during check-in.

    Payment deadline: 23rd of March 2023 (23.03.2023).
    Transportation to and from the Trip
  2. You are able to manage your own transportation to and from the Trip (Heraklion), or you can choose to travel by group as described below, both ways or single.
    If you choose to travel with the group, transportation to and from Heraklion will both be hosted by MINOAN LINES, and the ticket includes seats and unlimited use of the deck.
    A welcoming event shall also take place, while all services (bars & disco) on the boat will be available on special prices [two (2) drinks at the price of one (1)] till 03:00 the latest, excluding use of the swimming pool, which will not be available for swimming and dives!
    Boat fee: 22€ for the return from the port of Heraklion to the port of Piraeus.
    Cancellation policy
  3. You can cancel your spot as follows;

    (a) Without any charge if cancellation takes place up to 25 days before the Trip,
    (b) With a charge equal to 50% of the Fee if cancellation takes place up to 20 days before the Trip,
    (c) With a charge equal to 75% of the Fee takes place up to 15 days before the Trip, and
    (d) With a charge equal to the full amount of the Fee if cancellation takes place any time within 15 days before the Trip.

    In all cases, the cancellation charge will be directly held from the Fee.

    You cannot cancel your participation in any particular events of the Trip; the Trip is a prepaid full arrangement that cannot be customized!

    Name changes will be available  up to seven (7) days before the Trip to the latest; with a charge of  10€. Please note that ESN Greece and the Agent do not hold any responsibility for such a transaction between the parties concerned about the name change.

    In the event of any case of force majeure (i.e.cases that could not have been foreseen or avoided, such as: natural disasters, acts of war, terrorist acts, acts of Greek/European/any other authorities responsible with legislative content, etc) that render the Trip impracticable, you have the right of full refund of the Fee and/or any other fee that has been already paid, with the explicit exception of the fee for online payment services.

Please note that the case of infection with Covid-19 or any other illness explicitly is not perceived as a case of force majeure!


Obligations and Responsibilities of the Participant

  1. You, as a participant, have to;
    • Comply with the law and the instructions of both ESN Greece and the Agent, as well as the representatives, supervisors and/or employees of the Hotel, “MINOAN LINES”, the boat to Balos beach, and any third party in general
    • Respect all the time schedules, including departure times and bus assignments, as set by ESN Greece; otherwise, it is up to you to make your own arrangements, for which ESN Greece, the Agent and/or any third parties hold no responsibility
    • Inform ESN Greece immediately and without any delay in the event of an accident requiring additional professional care
    • Behave properly
    • Enjoy the Trip!

  2. Disclaimers

    • ESN Greece does not assume any responsibility for any damage to any participants caused by any third parties, including the Agent (i.e. MINOAN LINES, Hotel, etc.). You have the right to seek reparation for any such damage by the entity responsible.
    • ESN Greece, the Agent, the Hotel, and in general any third party involved or affiliated in any way with the Trip does not assume any responsibility for any injuries/death/other damage that may occur to a Participant and/or their people/entities as a result of the Participant’s participation in the Trip or as a result of either active/passive negligence of the Participant.
    • ESN Greece does not assume any responsibility for any lost items during the Trip.
    • ESN Greece reserves the right to amend or modify any part of the Trip’s content and/or re-schedule if necessary, at any time, under the term that the Participants are informed in reasonable time.
    • ESN Greece is not responsible for any Participant’s transport and accommodation of their choice, before/during/after the Trip.
    • ESN Greece, the Agent and/or any other third parties involved in the Trip in any way hold no responsibility to refund or compensate any Participant for any event of the Trip missed by his/her fault and/or choice.
    • ESN Greece has the right to expel any Participant causing troubles to the Trip and/or is not following the given instructions.

  4. Personal Data

Having been informed of the Privacy Policy of ESN Greece, who is, one of the Joint Data Controllers (the other being the Agent), you hereby acknowledge that ESN Greece, the Agent, and any other third parties involved in the Trip in any way, have the right and obligation to use and process your personal data (ind.: full name, address, email address, health history, age, food allergies and/or restrictions, phone number, age etc - hereafter “the Data”) in order to carry out the present transaction, as well as for us to comply with Greek legislation, which constitutes the legitimate basis of processing (art. 6 par. 1 b, c GDPR).
In this context, you hereby grant ESN Greece the right to transfer your Data to third parties (such as sponsors), falling under its legitimate interest to pursue its statutory goals and objectives, as well as to meet any contracting obligations (art. 6 par.1 f GDPR).
For the same reason (art.6 par.1 f GDPR), you also hereby grant ESN Greece the right to use your image and/or voice in films/videos/photos/any other elaborated form of the previous, for the purpose of promoting and showcasing its work in any media, any time and in any place of the world, without any restrictions.

All formalities aside and most importantly... ENJOY The Crete Trip 2023!!