As Transportation to/from Crete is not included in the Participation Fee, it should be arranged seperately. However, we share your enthusiasm and we recommend you to join us for the ultimate Group Transportation. Last but not least, there is a number of other available options you can choose from. 


Group ferry to Crete - the famous DAY 0 Experience

  • The official Opening Ceremony, other events and pre-partying are planned to be hosted onboard the ferry to Crete!
  • You can get to Athens with transportation organized by your local ESN section and then continue along with your section with the group ferry transportation
  • ​Or you can get to Athens on your own and then use the group ferry transportation
  • The cost of the group ferry transportation will be EUR 40 both ways (20€ each)
  • You have the option to choose wether you join the group ferry transportation both ways, or one way (e.g. .
  • The ferry leaves from the port of Piraeus on May 9 at around 8pm. It leaves from Crete at around the same time on May 13 and arrives back in Piraeus early in the morning on May 14 
  • The meeting point for the ferry is on May 9 at around 18:00 in Piraeus Port (More info soon!)
  • Events and pre-partying are planned to be hosted onboard the ferry to Crete!
  • Payments for group transportation will be made to your local ESN section
  • Read about the "DAY 0" of The Crete Trip 2018


Fly directly to Crete

  • You are free to book a flight directly to and from Crete. However, we advise against this option since you will be missing out on the ferry experience - believe us, hundreds of Erasmus students travelling together is something to remember ;)


If you have a local ESN section, contact and inform them about the option you prefer. Keep an eye open for Office Hours for transportation so that you can pay for it as soon as it is available.

If you have NO local ESN section or are an International Guest, you will get informed about the process! 

If you are an International Guest  and you cannot join the group ferry Transportation from Athens, you can choose the plane option anyways, here are some low-cost airlines flying to Crete & Athens:

  • Direct Flights to Heraklion Crete Nikos Kazantzakis Airport
    • Easyjet
    • Jet2
    • Germanwings 
    • Eurowings 
    • Airberlin


  • Direct Flights to Chania Airport
    • Ryanair
    • Easyjet 
    • Norwegian 


  • Direct Flights to Athens
    • Easyjet
    • Ryanair
    • Eurowings
    • Germanwings
    • Norwegian Air